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Sanders Cabin, Built Circa Late 1700s

Located at the Shaw House Properties
110 Morganton Road at the corner of SW Broad Street
Southern Pines

The Britt Sanders Cabin was moved to its present location on the Shaw House grounds in Southern Pines, North Carolina, from rural north western Moore County in 1952.

It was in a state of advanced deterioration with damaged logs, crumbled roof and a fallen chimney. It took love and determination to raise the money to move it and restore it.

The cabin sat on Morgan Land and Britt Sanders, born in 1831, married into the Morgan family. It is of typical Scot-German construction with hewn logs and half dove-tailed notches producing a solid and durable dwelling. There were no windows in the original cabin and the floor was of red clay. The sleeping loft upstairs is typical; the main floor provided space for living, sleeping, cooking, washing and weaving.

Notable are the sand hearth for cooking, the crusie lamp hanging by the fireplace and the antique candle molds. The old trammel by the fireplace is designed to hang inside the chimney on an iron pole, which was inserted during construction.

The loom was necessary for a family, as everything must be hand made and cloth was a precious commodity.

The beautiful chimney of native river rock is protected from the elements by a wide overhang. Chinking originally was a mixture of mud, clay and hair and had to be replaced yearly. Yards in the early Sandhills were swept clean as a daily chore, both to keep down fires and as a matter of neatness.

The entire family worked together and "recreational" activities for the children largely consisted of learning skills. It was a hard existence by our standards, but it was by no means a drab one. The family provided stability and was a cohesive factor in the life of the early settlers.

The Shaw House properties are located on Morganton Road at the intersection of SW Broad Street in Southern Pines, North Carolina. From the traffic circle at Pinehurst, North Carolina, take NC 211–US 15­501 south. Drive approximately 2.1 miles and turn left at the Pinecrest Plaza traffic light onto Morganton Road. The houses are aproximately 1.9 miles on the left before the Broad Street traffic light. Please go to our Locations page to access a Google driving map.